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Red Lips

Studio photo shoot with model Aristodeme. Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting. Thanks!

Red Lips

Model Aristodeme and her red lips.

Beauty And The Bald Spot

Behind the scenes photography by my assistant for the day Harmoni Everett which clearly exhibits the incredible gorgeousness of our model from NYC, Nora Zainglein but also my increasingly declining hair volume. More ‘behind the scenes’ than I expected lol.

The incredible Makeup, Hair Styling and Body Painting (you will see that soon too) for the day by the premier Estee Lauder artist Blanche LeBeau. Studio photo shoot in Downtown Los Angeles, Hasselblad digital camera equipment and Broncolor lighting. Always the best!

Nora Zainglein Behind The Scenes

More Lighting And Leaping

More behind the scenes at the Broncolor lighting workshop at Edge Studios in Los Angeles on Friday.

Don’t Mess Up

If I am giving first credit to the success of any of my photographs, I owe it to the extraordinary men and women I have had in front of my cameras. There is little question I have had some of the most amazing people as models. And here the most breathtaking elegant ballet dancer Viktoria in this behind the scenes photograph from our photo shoot.

Yes I am lucky to have so much space available to realize most of what I want to do, from studio shooting to my outdoor pool and gardens. Close by I have even larger studio space available, the great outdoors, the Salton Sea and even vintage aircraft.

Next is what I and many others consider the finest equipment available. Hasselblad digital camera equipment and Broncolor lighting.

What is left for me is to stage the photographs I have in the back of my mind, and more important than anything else, each and every time, don’t mess up. Thanks!




Would you vote for this photograph of Kajira full-length or closer up? The dilemmas I face when editing from a photo shoot. My vote… Must have both!

Photo shoot notes… Hasselblad digital camera system. Broncolor lighting with the Broncolor Para 133 reflector. Thanks!



Noel Pre Paris And Greece

She just returned from photo shoots in Greece and Paris. My buddy Noel VanBrocklin in her photo shoot with me before she left. Now that she is back I will have to see if she has changed any. Become more European perhaps? What would that be I wonder?

Photo shoot notes… Wonderful Makeup and Hair Styling by the world traveling, Estee Lauder featured Blanche LeBeau. Hasselblad digital camera system. Lighting by Broncolor. Surrounding myself with the best people and the best gear!

Noel VanBrocklin

No Explaining It

There are not many photos of me but this seems to be one of everyone’s favorites. I am not sure why. Behind the scenes in studio for a print advertising, editorial and video photo shoot for with Maria Rogers. One of my all time best ever!

Working On Set

Look Into The Light

Never doubt for one moment the “Professional” part of “Professional Model”. One of the first things she said to me: “I love the fabulous lighting”. A Professional Model who has been photographed around the world, appeared on the most well known magazine covers and magazine features and is much in demand. The other comment she made to me during our photo shoot; “Is that a Hasselblad DIGITAL camera? Wow!” And yes the lighting is Broncolor with their Para 133 Reflector. And yes the camera is Hasselblad digital. Only the best!


Photographed on Hasselblad Digital. Lighting by Broncolor with a Broncolor Para 133 Reflector. Only the best.

Her Inner Warrior

Excitement, beauty and power. Description that fits my photo shoot with Stacey Naito. Always more on my Website at

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 7.04.41 AM

Stacey Naito featured on my website. Makeup and Hairstyling by Blanche LeBeau.

Tilt Up Studio

I have been getting a lot of photogrpahers asking for a closer look at my tilt up studio background system. Actually I think they wanted a closer look at Randalene Sergent. Perfectly reasonable! To the left is Natalie Lyle who does so much of the superb makeup and hair styling you see on my photo shoots. Although I have huge space inside to do photo shoots, this system allows me to create all kinds of spaces, paint schemes and more designs. I can also shift to do doing scenes by the pool or tress without moving all of the lighting equipment or very much additional work. Thanks!

Randalene Sergent

Freeze Frame!

“Her lipstick reflex got me wound
There were no defects to be found
Snapshot image froze without a sound”
– “Freeze Frame” – J. Geils Band

Maria Bertrand from our photo shoot the other day! Fantastic Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle!

Maria Bertrand

Holiday Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes

Some behind the scenes views of a Holiday photo shot with Maria Bertrand. There is a very special series we did for Thanksgiving but you will have to wait a couple of days to see even a teaser of that one. It is just way too fun!

I have to say Thank You to my good friend and also a great photographer Jaime Klein for allowing us to invade his studio. He was also kind enough to shoot a few behind the scenes pics with my little point and shoot camera. Jaime is in Van Nuys, so especially if you need those head shots, go check him out! And he is moving to a bigger studio just nearby.

A big Thank You to Natalie Lyle for yet again, another day of Makeup and Hair Styling. Thank You to Chris my assistant for the day. Good job for the first time with me.

The big Thank You to my Super Model herself, Maria Yvonne Bertrand. Always beautiful, always knows how to look in front of a camera. And she has a certain sense of humor that makes it all work! You will see that soon!

Holiday Shoot With Maria Bertrand


Holiday Shoot With Maria Bertrand

Holiday Shoot With Maria Bertrand

Holiday Shoot With Maria Bertrand

Holiday Shoot With Maria Bertrand