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In Red

Ballet dance Viktoria VikTory Hofstaedter in studio in red.

At The Bar

I think this would be just wonderful in real life. My friend Shannon McGovern posts the most wonderful photographs.

Passed Out On Instax

Continuing my theme of shooting instant photographs. My photo shoot with Shauna Toerner had me bring out my Fujifilm Instax mini camera. We had so much fun shooting these and many more too.

Shauna Restless And NakedShauna Restless And NakedShauna Restless And NakedShauna Restless And NakedShauna Restless And NakedShauna Restless And Naked

Beauty Dish At Work

Always working to get my lighting to get it right. So model Amber Flowers was kind enough to work with me on placement of the Broncolor beauty dish. We did finally get it right.

Photo shoot notes… Broncolor lighting with a Move 1200L pack and one strobe head in a Para 133 reflector. Hasselblad digital camera system.

Beauty Dish

Sunny Weather

Did you stay in and out of the Sun this past weekend. Aristodeme photographed on old Polaroid instant film camera in our shoot, in and out of the Sun.


Poolside Moments

A poolside moment in video with Amber Flowers during our photo shoot. I think these video moments are so very fun! Thanks!


Posing Movement Fun

Amber Flowers was so great in front of the camera that I had to share a little of how wonderful she moves. Especially in this grunge elegant wardrobe creation. So very fun! Click on the video below. Lighting was continuous light from a Broncolor Move 1200L and Para 133. Video shot on a Fuji X-T1 camera system.


Wearable Softbox

This is my idea of the correct use of a softbox. For you non-photographers, a soft box is a lighting modifier that is often met with frustration by photographers in putting it together. I think Amber Flowers wearing one is a much better use! Anyone interested in my ideas for me doing a lighting workshop!

The actual lighting here on the left is a Broncolor Para 133 reflector powered by a Broncolor Move 1200L pack and head. I use a Hasselblad digital camera system. Only the best!

Amber Flowers

When Is A Model Not Just A Model

When is a model not just a model? When the model is so very creative! Amber Flowers is not only gorgeous and knows how to work in front of the camera but also a wizard of wardrobe. She totally made my day with this!

Amber Flowers

Amber Flowers photographed by me here in Palm Springs. Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting. Only the best!

Just Add A Hat

Sometimes for wardrobe you just need to add a hat to make it all work. Tiana Joy in our photo shoot poolside here in Palm Springs. Photographed with a Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting. Only the best!

Tiana Joy

What To Wear… Or Not

Wardrobe is always a big issue in photo shoots. Sometimes it is about the clothes, other times it is about what the clothes do for the shoot theme such as sports or dining or being a tourist. I like wardrobe decisions on how I imagine the photographs I want to shoot with a model. Sometimes it is more and sometimes less is even more. One of my favorite models, Aristodeme. Photographed with a Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting. Only the best!

Masked Posing

Rise Above It

The inescapable presence of model Tiana Joy in our photo shoot. Made even more so by the just the right water level in the pool. Such a candid feeling and view that would not be the same with modesty. Such a wonderful model! Thank You Tiana!

Tiana Joy

Tiana Joy photographed in Palm Springs by Ian L. Sitren. Hasselblad digital camera equipment and Broncolor lighting. Only the best.

So Much Joy!

The first joy being my model, Tiana Joy. What an incredible, gorgeous, fun model to work with! Tall, long legs, sexy turn to her and made my job so easy by being able to move and take direction. Had a hard time stopping and not going on for hours more. And wait until you see the photos to follow. I promise you will want to see them and much more of Joy!  Just Wow!

The next joy is my pool construction is finished! Completely tore out the old pool and all the decks, patios. All that was left was the shell, dirt and rubble. Now all done and it is wonderful! What a great shoot location and it is in my backyard.

More joy from my great camera and lighting equipment. Over and over I am so impressed with my Hasselblad digital camera gear and Broncolor lighting. Each time I do a photo shoot I am so very happy with getting the results I really expect and that I expect to produce for my clients, whether it is magazines, advertisers or models of all genres looking to be a cut above. Only the best!

So please, keep watching here and coming back for more and Thanks!

Tiana Joy

Everybody Makes Friends On My Shoots

One of the very fun things that happens on my photo shoots is that everybody makes friends with everyone else. Bella found a perfect companion! Photographed with my Hasselblad digital camera and Broncolor lighting. I love this gear!

Bella And Friend

Net Proceeds

I am guessing I got my accounting confused with my photo shoot plans. However Nova did happen to have the right wardrobe for net proceeds anyway. I am looking forward to doing net revenue next. Who wants to help me out? Thanks!

Net Proceeds

Nova photographed with Broncolor lighting and digital camera by Hasselblad.



Nova With Nova

When I was getting ready to do a photo shoot with Nova, I was excited to find that she had been featured in one of my favorite publications, “Victor” by Hasselblad. A beautiful publication that began as a very large format magazine and progressed to a book format. It is partially responsible for my having selected Hasselblad as my camera system.

So I was excited to have Nova sign her photograph in my copy of Hasselblad Victor Photography Book One during our photo shoot. And I am in great admiration of the original photograph and the series “Personal Visitation” by photographer Damon Loble. Applause!

This photograph with my Hasselblad digital camera and Broncolor lighting. Thanks!


Fashion Styling

I often think I should use a fashion stylist on my photo shoots. But then again sometimes I get by. This is the “Papier Doux” look. Okay maybe not. What do you think?

Photo shoot with a Hasselblad digital camera and Broncolor lighting. Aristodeme, one of my very favorite models.



Revisited – The Intense Environment Of Salton Sea

I attended a really fun event on Saturday night, “Open Desert – Music and Photographic Arts Showcase“. At the Annenberg Theater at the Palm Springs Art Museum, photographs from the nearby desert areas such as Joshua Tree and the Salton Sea displayed big screen behind the live music from “Tribesmen“, “Caxton“, “Mike Pygmie Ensemble” and “Drum Hall“. I was asked why I did not submit photographs for the show. Well for one thing, they were all turned black and white. I like black and white for some photographs but I think the colors and the light in the desert should be seen as you might imagine it. And another reason, well my photographs do not tend to be the usual landscape type photographs.

“The environment of Salton Sea can be very intense. Harsh Sunlight, desolate spaces, an eeriness to the Sea itself. In places a post apocalyptic look that would be movie perfect. But I find it uniquely compelling and beautiful. A favorite location for my photo shoots. Model Bailey Daniels.” – from one of my prior Blog Posts.

Intensity At Salton Sea

Intensity At Salton Sea

Intensity At Salton Sea

Intensity At Salton Sea

Intensity At Salton Sea