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Naked Beautiful Women Not Art

Some people call it “Art Photography”, I don’t. Want to know why I love photographing beautiful naked or scantily clad women? We talked about it today and you can listen to the broadcast soon… at

“Chatting With Sherri welcomes back photographer; Ian L Sitren!” “Award winning author Sherri Rabinowitz chats with writers, actors and other artists about their work. A fun relaxing chat with exciting creative people. The home of The Chatty Award for most live listens and downloads!”

Fine Art Nude

Mystery Posing Fun

Some behind the scenes posing fun during a photo shoot with Kajira. She is truly a gorgeous and fun model!

Another Look

So many people have commented to me about the looks of model Kajira. Here yet is another look, the look with that red hair that so greatly intrigued me. This woman is just so gorgeous and what a fun model!

Photo shoot notes… Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting with the Broncolor Para 133 reflector. Only the best!



So Much Joy!

The first joy being my model, Tiana Joy. What an incredible, gorgeous, fun model to work with! Tall, long legs, sexy turn to her and made my job so easy by being able to move and take direction. Had a hard time stopping and not going on for hours more. And wait until you see the photos to follow. I promise you will want to see them and much more of Joy!  Just Wow!

The next joy is my pool construction is finished! Completely tore out the old pool and all the decks, patios. All that was left was the shell, dirt and rubble. Now all done and it is wonderful! What a great shoot location and it is in my backyard.

More joy from my great camera and lighting equipment. Over and over I am so impressed with my Hasselblad digital camera gear and Broncolor lighting. Each time I do a photo shoot I am so very happy with getting the results I really expect and that I expect to produce for my clients, whether it is magazines, advertisers or models of all genres looking to be a cut above. Only the best!

So please, keep watching here and coming back for more and Thanks!

Tiana Joy

Revisited – The Intense Environment Of Salton Sea

I attended a really fun event on Saturday night, “Open Desert – Music and Photographic Arts Showcase“. At the Annenberg Theater at the Palm Springs Art Museum, photographs from the nearby desert areas such as Joshua Tree and the Salton Sea displayed big screen behind the live music from “Tribesmen“, “Caxton“, “Mike Pygmie Ensemble” and “Drum Hall“. I was asked why I did not submit photographs for the show. Well for one thing, they were all turned black and white. I like black and white for some photographs but I think the colors and the light in the desert should be seen as you might imagine it. And another reason, well my photographs do not tend to be the usual landscape type photographs.

“The environment of Salton Sea can be very intense. Harsh Sunlight, desolate spaces, an eeriness to the Sea itself. In places a post apocalyptic look that would be movie perfect. But I find it uniquely compelling and beautiful. A favorite location for my photo shoots. Model Bailey Daniels.” – from one of my prior Blog Posts.

Intensity At Salton Sea

Intensity At Salton Sea

Intensity At Salton Sea

Intensity At Salton Sea

Intensity At Salton Sea

Fashionable Undressing

My idea of evening cocktail attire might be different than for others. More of a fashion statement. One of my most favorite models, Aristodeme. The camera is Hasselblad digital. The lighting is Broncolor.

Aristodeme Dressed

It Has Already Started…

I started thinking about my photo shoot plans for next year. That may include many of you. So if you have been thinking about shooting with me or planning your magazine editorials or advertising campaigns, let’s chat. Yes I will be doing my work in bodybuilding and fitness, but let’s make it really standout! I am also doing work in lifestyle including fashion, edgy and conceptual. As I often say, I reserve the right to photograph anything I find fun and interesting. But seriously, whatever your concept, let’s talk! We can make it worthwhile and fun! Send me a note to

Here is a look behind the scenes on my photo shoot in the desert and wind farms with Sergi Constance. Sergi has become enormously successful as a model and our photographs made their way to magazines and more around the world.

Sergi Constance

Sergi Constance

Sergi Constance

Sergi Constance

Sergi Constance

Sergi Constance