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Are We Done With Mediocrity?

Are we done with just “good enough” and striving toward mediocrity? For decades I have always sought to bring the best photographs to my clients. But as we know, the last decade brought a dumbing down in many sectors as to what was acceptable.
With more competition and the ease of just using any blurry or poor quality photographs or video, what would set a company or an individual apart from the crowd? I am now seeing the beginnings of change and the best is now highly valued again. Let’s keep it going!

My Buddy Randalene

I do not know how many times I photographed Randalene Sergent. I first photographed her for a feature in Iron Man Magazine for I remember being speechless, she was so breathtakingly beautiful as I looked through the camera.  We became steadfast friends and I went on to photograph her for more magazine features, advertising, company promotions and fashion editorials. Makeup and hair styling in this photo shoot by another of my steadfast best buddies, Natalie Lyle.

Randalene Sergent

Cheat Day At

Very excited to see my photo shoot appear on That covers a huge part of the population! For my client “Cheat Day Land“.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 4.56.12 PM
Introducing L.A.’s Newest Interactive Pop-Up Museum, Cheat Day Land Pop-up museums have become the new norm in L.A.

From the Museum of Ice Cream to Happy Place, not a month goes by where there isn’t a new one to check out. October is no exception.

This month, the immersive new exhibit Cheat Day Land will open its doors in the L.A. Arts District. For those of you who were lucky enough to visit MOIC, you’ll find the space deliciously familiar.

Unlike its predecessor, Cheat Day Land is dedicated to, you guessed it, cheat days. With rooms dedicated to everything from donuts and chocolate to burritos and cereal, there are no shortage of photo ops for your social media or things for the kids to climb on or jump in.

Check it out and go visit!


And Thank You to the people who made the photo shoot work so well. The incredible featured Estee Lauder MakeUp Artist Blanche LeBeau. And my assistant for the day who also shot much of the video, Shauna Toerner.

Shauna Naked And Restless

I think Shauna Toerner does naked and restless very well indeed. Her dilemma helped with Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle. An extra series on Fujifilm Instax instant film from our photo shoot at FD Photo Studio in downtown Los Angeles. Thanks!

Shauna Restless And Naked

Shauna Restless And Naked

Shauna Restless And Naked

Shauna Restless And Naked

Shauna Restless And Naked

Shauna Restless And Naked

Shoot With Me

Most of you know me from my extensively published work in Bodybuilding and Fitness. I have photographed and done video with some of the most famous as well the up and comers. To say the least my favorites include the incredible Ava Cowan; featured in magazines, ads and on stage at the Olympia and Arnold.

I would love to work with more of you, it is always great fun too. So whether it is for your own portfolio, your fitness career, your company ads, or magazine features; send me a note here or an e-mail to And Thanks!


Over 17,000 And 21,000 So Far

Just six weeks ago, we had over 17,000 listeners and since then over 21,000 downloads of the podcast. I wonder what I said that was so good? Chatting with Sherri at Thanks!
Featured photograph of Maria Bertrand shot with a Hasselblad digital camera system.
Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 10.50.44 AM

I’m Not There But I Am

The Arnold Sports Festival 2018 in Columbus OH is underway and the huge Expo is about to open tomorrow Friday. Hundreds of thousands of people will fill the convention center among 1000 booths from fitness related companies. Although I am not there, my photographs fill some of those booths and displays.

My all time favorite and longest running… Renee kissing the egg for Egg Whites International. They just set up their booth and if they had tried to shoot a photograph of it tomorrow you never would have seen because of all of the people around it. If you just count all of the people who have seen this display at Arnold Sports Festivals in Columbus Ohio, it would be millions.

The Arnold Sports Festival, most known for it roots as a premier bodybuilding competition is actually 20,000 athletes participating in 75 sports and events from 80 nations around the world. “We are very proud to provide the opportunity for athletes, a majority of them youth, to compete at the largest multi-sport festival in the world.”



FitExpo L.A. Fun

What it looked like at the FitExpo Los Angeles yesterday, Sunday. My most distributed photograph ever (millions and millions), Arnold’s stand in and body double walking in the crowd (my friend Roland Kickinger), and look for Newd Gym.

Ad Videos And Photo Shoots

One of my favorites from a video series created around my photo shoots for advertising and features for Here with one of the most admired and respected women in the entire world of fitness, Ava Cowan.

Peaceful Poolside

A moment of peace and harmony poolside with the ever so heavenly Catherine Kwong here in Palm Springs. Makes everything so much better!

Catherine Kwong

Makeup and hair styling by the so very talented Natalie Lyle. Photographed with my Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting. Only the best!


Branded By A Kiss

Do you have that one iconic photograph that has branded and built your product or service or company? For a decade they have used my photograph of Renee kissing an egg for their trade show displays, brochures, flyers, and even t-shirts and caps. I don’t know if it has been seen my billions but certainly millions. Now you find Egg Whites International anywhere and everywhere from gym stores and counters to major grocery chains. Without question regarded as the premier 100% Pure Liquid Egg Whites in the entire world. These photographs at their booth at the 2016 Naturally Fit Games in Austin TX going on right now. Ready to talk about me photographing your advertising or magazine features? Send me an e-mail to Let’s do it!



What To Wear… Or Not

Wardrobe is always a big issue in photo shoots. Sometimes it is about the clothes, other times it is about what the clothes do for the shoot theme such as sports or dining or being a tourist. I like wardrobe decisions on how I imagine the photographs I want to shoot with a model. Sometimes it is more and sometimes less is even more. One of my favorite models, Aristodeme. Photographed with a Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting. Only the best!

Masked Posing

Your Photo Shoot At Venice Beach

Your photo shoot with me Memorial Day weekend. I will be at Venice Beach for the huge show at Muscle Beach on Memorial Day. So on Saturday or Sunday, May 28 and 29, you can have your own mini photo shoot with me. You do not have to be doing the Muscle Beach show. Fashion model or bodybuilder, bikini model or physique competitor and couples, all are welcome. Just like my wonderful beautiful friend Maria Bertrand from our shoot on the sand at Venice Beach.

Spend about an hour with me at Venice Beach, The Venice Beach Boardwalk or a nearby beach in Marina Del Rey. Because I am photographing so many people that weekend and at the Muscle Beach show, I do these photo shoots at hugely reduced rates just to make it available to as many people as possible. But please sign up immediately so we can get you in. And if you are doing the show, sign up for your photographs with me, both on stage and backstage in the famous workout Pit. Thanks and here is the link for sign up…

Maria Bertrand at Venice Beach

Your Secret Muscle Beach Admirer

Bailey Quist had a secret admirer while we shot her photographs backstage at Muscle Beach last Memorial Day. My cameras can admire you too! At the big Memorial Day show, all competitors, men, women or couples can sign up to have your photographs on stage, backstage in the world famous “Pit” or your own mini photo shoot on Saturday or Sunday. I do ask that you sign up right away, we are only a few weeks away. I will only be able to photograph a limited number of people, so sign up now and Thanks! Here is the link for the details…


Thunderbolt Tomorrow!

Check out this P-47 Thunderbolt flying tomorrow at the Palm Springs Air Museum! 2300HP, a top speed of 433mph and a service ceiling of 40,000 ft. You have to go see this airplane! Do you think the person in the back seat got photos as detailed as my photo of them taking photos?

P-47 Thunderbolt

P-47 Thunderbolt over the Palm Springs Air Museum

I Needed A Big Chair

The big chair in the parking lot of the LA Mart in downtown Los Angeles. The Reef was the location for Photo LA. What a superb show! Between that and the FitExpo this weekend I needed a big chair when I got home last night. More photos from the weekend to follow. Thanks to everyone I had the chance to meet! Thank You!

The Chair

The big chair in the parking lot of the LA Mart.

Forget The Rain!

Nothing better than Randalene Sergent in front of my cameras from one of our photo shoots to make me forget the rain from the last two days. You can be in front of my cameras too. I am also available for all types of photo shoots for magazines and advertising from fitness to fashion, bodybuilding to travel and more. By the way, I will be in Los Angeles for a few days this month for the FitExpo. Send me an e-mail to  and we can chat. Thanks!

Randalene Sergent

Randalene Sergent in our photo shoot. Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle.

Also From A January 3rd

January 3, 2012… Starting out the New Year searching for words… “Magnificent Creature” crosses my mind! Ava Cowan from a photo shoot we did as she was first becoming known to everyone. Ava has gone on to be one of the most pre-eminent and respected women in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. 

You see Ava in almost every magazine every month, she is hugely popular and deservedly so. Much more than just a great body built in the gym, she is a personality of tenaciousness that we can all admire. In only eight weeks from now you will next be seeing her on stage at the Arnold. Ava Cowan!



My Wall Friends Like Her Too!

Kind of sums it up! The person I photographed more than anyone else in 2015 is someone who never ceases to surprise me. How lucky am I to have as a buddy this amazing person Maria Yvonne Bertrand. And to get her in front of my cameras… WOW!

Let me tell you about her. Director of Content for the Fashion Platform Envy, she is also an accomplished writer for magazines and entertainment.

As a professional model, Maria has been seen for Guess, Versace, Gianfranco Ferre, La Vie en Rose, Dynamite, La Perla, Armani, Coca Cola, Le Grenier and more. She has been in and on covers for Vogue, W, Chatelaine, Elle, Sante, Living Fit, and Femme D’aujour’hui. Commercials for Audi, Miller, Bud Light, Baskin Robbins, Molson Dry, Coppertone, Pela Windows, Comcast, Michelob Ultra and Club Med. Then there are movies and television with some of the biggest names in the business.

There is much more, I am told her Mom keeps better track of all of it. But for now, me and my friends on the wall are just amazed that Maria puts up with me and my cameras! Looking to see what we do for 2016!

Maria Bertrand Legs Up

Photographed on Hasselblad. Only the best!

My Idea Of Festive

I was thinking the red tires are very Christmas looking. Maria Yvonne Bertrand is always very festive. And she is not guilty! Makeup and Hair Styling for our photo shoot by Santa’s first choice for helper, Natalie Lyle.

Maria Yvonne Bertrand in Palm Springs

Starting The Look Back

Looking back is especially fun when you are watching Cara Basso look back. It is that time when I start looking back on the year and thinking about the upcoming year.

2016 will find me back at Muscle Beach and at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Photo shoots will find me on locations and in studios doing fitness, fashion, muscles, great faces and good looking bodies. I also expect to be going out on a motion picture or two somewhere around the country or abroad.

I do expect to explore some new shooting and concepts. So if you think you might like to chat about being in front of my camera, behind the scenes, or have me shoot your magazines features or advertising or some kind of project, please send me a note. My e-mail is and it would be great to discuss your ideas and the New Year. Thank You!

Muscle Beach On Memorial Day 2010

High Speed Bearcat

A Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat coming down the runway at the Palm Springs Air Museum at somewhere around 275-300 mph. The last Bearcat was delivered in 1949 and is a 2100hp 425 mph beast of an airplane. An interesting fact is the outer 3 ft of wing was designed to break off under high stress saving the aircraft from catastrophic failure. You have to go visit the Palm Springs Air Museum! So very interesting and so very fun!

Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat

Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat

Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat

Photographed with FujiFilm X-Series cameras and lenses.

Strap In!

It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Your pilot Sharon Lim at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Your aircraft, a Boeing PT-17 A75N1 Stearman. U.S. Navy 555. Photo shoot with Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle.

Sharon Lim at the Palm Springs Air Museum

Santa… I Can Explain

Suddenly I am liking this time of year! Wish I were Santa so I could hear what Maria Bertrand has to tell him. From our Holiday photo shoot. And Makeup and Hair styling by my Elf, Natalie Lyle.

Santa I Can Explain