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Hotel View Las Vegas

The view from my hotel room last week for ICAS. The International Council Of Air Shows convention in Las Vegas.

Photo On Business Card?

I am often asked by other photographers if they should put a photograph on their business card. Well if you shoot photographs like I do of gorgeous women with amazing physiques like Heidi Marissa Cannon… Yes! I sure did! Heidi is on her way in two weeks to Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan Hotel to stand on stage at the WBFF World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Competition. Although I think she is not hitchhiking. Outstanding!

Secret Admirer

A fit and sexy Shawn Towne has a secret admirer. Not a surprise as this smoldering hot Mom showed us all that fitness is indeed the fountain of youth. Not only a Mom but also a busy model who has been seen on billboards around Las Vegas and fashion featured by haute couture designers. No wonder she easily caught the attention of Chaun Williams! You will be seeing more from this photo shoot!

From our photo shoot In Las Vegas at City Athletic Club and the Bellagio Las Vegas. With a wonderful day of Makeup and Hair Styling by Christine Copeland. Wardrobe styling assistance and posing coaching from my assistant for the day, Jennifer Chamberlin. Just a totally Wow photo shoot! Thanks!

Photo shoot with model Shawn Towne. Additional model Chaun T. Williams.

Not About Me!

I know everyone is going to want to know where I buy my clothes and get my hair done. But this Behind The Scenes photo is not about me. Photographing a scene with the beautiful Shawn Towne and Chaun Williams as an extra. Although Shawn and my assistant Jennifer Chamberlin seemed to think he was a center of attention. Our Makeup and Hair Stylist Christine Copeland did keep a watchful and professional eye on Shawn but also seemed to catch an occasional cell phone pic of Chaun Williams as well. Well like I said, it is not about me.

Behind The Scenes With Shawn Towne

On The Floor

What a wonderful and beautiful model! No not me! Shawn Towne behind the scenes in our photo shoot at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas the other day. Thank You to my assistant for the day, a superb photographer herself, Jennifer Chamberlin.

Behind The Scenes With Shawn Towne

Behind The Scenes At City Athletic Club

Behind the scenes the other day on a photo shoot at City Athletic Club in Las Vegas. An incredibly gorgeous Shawn Towne complemented with Chaun Williams providing the right atmosphere in the gym. And a huge Thank You to Jennifer Chamberlin who was a wonderful photo assistant, modeling coach and wardrobe advisor. A really cool gym and a huge Thanks to everyone!

Behind The Scenes At City Athletic Club

Very Eerie

The Ivanpah solar generating plant as I drove into Las Vegas the other day. It is very eerie, very science fiction.


The Room View

The view from my room in Las Vegas earlier this week Such a unique place to say the least and I have been here endless numbers of times.



My Date… Well My Photo Shoot Date…

When my date showed up yesterday I decided to not post on Facebook all day. Well she was actually my photo shoot date. Ashley Owens Gulina fresh from her weekend on the NPC Figure stage at the USA in Las Vegas. That working out stuff does a body good! And she is so beautiful. Over the top fantastic Makeup and Hair Styling all day by Natalie Lyle. 

Ashley Owens Guilna