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Wandered Photo L.A. yesterday with my buddy Gabriella Muttone. Not only do we have the commonality of me loving her in front of my cameras; she is an extraordinary photographer herself who loves much of the same photography that I do. It was also fun thinking that people were staring at me, when of course they were gaze locked on her! Me too lol

Gabriella Muttone at the Palm Springs Air Museum

Photo L.A.

Thanks! Lots of people asking. I will be at Photo LA on Sunday. Would love to say HI if you are planning on being there. Send me an e-mail to and Thanks!



What We Do

What do professional photographers do when we are not shooting photographs? Well we do things like walk around the prestigious Photo LA looking at and admiring the work of other photographers. This past Sunday I did that with my good friend Bill Dobbins, one of the most famed photographers in the bodybuilding and fitness business. Even more fun was to photograph him with one of his works featured for the APA, American Photographic Artists. Very Fun Indeed!

Bill Dobbins at Photo LA

Bill Dobbins with his work on display at Photo LA 2016

I Needed A Big Chair

The big chair in the parking lot of the LA Mart in downtown Los Angeles. The Reef was the location for Photo LA. What a superb show! Between that and the FitExpo this weekend I needed a big chair when I got home last night. More photos from the weekend to follow. Thanks to everyone I had the chance to meet! Thank You!

The Chair

The big chair in the parking lot of the LA Mart.

Photos Like This

Bodybuilder Dan Hill in front of my camera. I will be in Los Angeles this weekend, Friday through Sunday, for the FitExpo and Photo LA. Let’s meet and chat photography for your ads, magazines, features, portfolios, promotions. More to see on my website at Send me an e-mail to or text to 213-712-1929. Thanks!


FitExpo and Photo L.A.

Tomorrow, Friday through Sunday, find me in Los Angeles for Photo LA and the FitExpo Los Angeles. Time to just meet and/or talk about photography and my work in shooting magazine features, advertising, your portfolio and more. It would be great to meet you! Just send me an e-mail to or text to my cellphone at 213-712-1929. And Thanks!