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No Motors, No Parachutes, and No Second Chances

I greatly enjoy putting these historical posts together for the Palm Springs Air Museum. Please take a moment and watch and also “Like” the Air Museum page for me. “One of the best Air Museums in the world” – CNN. I am the Social Media Manager so a big audience really helps me out. Thanks!

June 6th will be the 74th Anniversay of D-Day when the Allies invaded Western Europe in World War II in the largest amphibious attack in history.

Part of the preparation for the invasion was planning how to tow the Waco CG-4A combat glider carrying men, armament and cargo into battle. This original film shows the gliders being towed with aircraft from the P-38 Lightning to the mighty B-17 Flying Fortress, and even a PBY Catalina.

Come on in to the Palm Springs Air Museum and see our own Waco combat glider and D-Day exhibit. They flew into war with “no motors, no parachutes, and no second chances”. It is history up close and real. Thanks!

Open For Business 2018

OK! I am officially open for business again for 2018! Long time professional photographer in magazine and advertising extensively published around the world.

One of the most viewed and best known bodybuilding and fitness photographers. Fashion work from shoes to edgy nude, from designer to private commission. Also working extensively in aviation. Social Media manager for building and maintaining your business presence small and large.

Have something in mind for this new year? Send me a note, I would love to chat with you! Thanks!

Open For Business

OK… Suggested Pokes!

I had no idea Facebook was making these suggestions for me. A little personal perhaps but the selections are quite stellar!



Help! Instagram!

Help! Instagram!

I am calling on my best gorgeous buddy Maria Bertrand to help announce that I am now on Instagram. My account is IanSitren. Does that mean I am @IanSitren? I haven’t quite figured it out yet, so maybe all of you can help me. What do I do next! Follow me and I will follow you! Thanks!


From Where We Were To Around The World!

From Where We Were To Around The World!

I can’t resist posting this from the back of my camera from my photo shoot yesterday with Sasha Brown. Sasha just was having so much fun, she had to get it out on her social networking right from the car by using her cellphone. When I think about it, it is so very cool. From where we were to around the world. Wow!