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Cruise Ships Are Huge

Cruise ships are just incredibly huge. Here off shore in Santa Barbara CA.

Black Belt At Venice Beach

Alexandre Michel Franchini came all the way from Saint-Mihiel, France to stand on stage at Muscle Beach. Too much fun having him in front of my camera on the beach in the surf. Truly an amazing, talented and physically accomplished individual. And I must say, one nice guy with a superb sense of adventure. Photographed on only the best, Hasselblad.

I Found Gold At Venice Beach!

I found Gold at Venice Beach! Maria Bertrand had the best idea of how to start out Fall this year. And in front of my camera makes it even better. Any wonder why this woman has been in front of cameras around the world for the finest fashion houses and the most well known fashion magazines. How lucky am I! Thank You Maria!!

Maria Bertrand at Venice Beach

A Win From Venice Beach To Pittsburgh!

A few weeks ago she stood in front of my cameras at Venice Beach. Then on this last Saturday she stood on the bodybuilding stage in Pittsburgh and walked away with her IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Card! Congratulations to an astounding Lisa Marino Sanders! Just wonderful!

Lisa Marino Sanders at Venice Beach


Keep Off

Keep Off

Keep Off! There were a lot of firemen running along the beach and boardwalk yesterday in Laguna Beach. But somehow this was the only lifeguard who caught their attention. I am thinking she really needs that “Keep Off” sign!


Cara Jo Basso At Venice Beach

Cara Jo Basso At Venice Beach

Cara Jo Basso… One of the most talented, graceful and beautiful women I have ever photographed. At Venice Beach California.


Huge Congratulations To Ava Cowan!

Huge Congratulations To Ava Cowan!

A huge congratulations to my best buddy Ava Cowan. Ava Cowan just this weekend was on stage for the Figure International at the Arnold Sports Festival. But it was only a year ago when we didn’t know if she would ever be on stage again. Suffering an injury that put her out of the gym and into surgery, it was a long climb back. A climb that I know most would have found all but impossible. So go visit her Facebook pages to learn more about this extraordinary human being and how she did it. There is much to learn for all of us. And now she is off to do it again at the Arnold Australia! Outstanding! This photo from one of our past photo shoots in Marina Del Rey California. Thanks!