Photography by Ian L. Sitren

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Vintage Swimsuit Is Here!

The first retro Vintage Swimsuit competition has now happened! A look back in time to those healthy, carefree, and exciting times at Muscle Beach that the entire world imagines. Vividly in everyone’s mind is the picture of Southern California beaches, the sun, good looking guys and pretty girls. And the pretty girl here is picturesque herself, Hannah Gordon Etherson on stage at Muscle Beach!

Hannah In Her Vintage Swimsuit

Hannah Etherson competing in the revival of Vintage Swimsuit competition at Muscle Beach, Memorial Day 2016.

Vintage Swimsuit Posing At Muscle Beach

So excited to be the Muscle Beach photographer shooting the first new Vintage Swimsuit Competition. You can have your photographs on stage, backstage in the famous “Pit” or even your own photo shoot on Saturday or Sunday. But I can only photograph so many people so please sign up ASAP. Any questions just get back to me on Facebook Messenger. Thanks! For more details and sign up information go to


Posing examples for the new Vintage Swimsuit Competition at Muscle Beach.


Vintage Muscle Beach

So excited to be a part of the new Muscle Beach Vintage Swimsuit competition coming up on Memorial Day! Along with show producer Joe Wheatley we are planning on re-creating timeless photographs like this. If you are doing the show, you just might be a part of it. And you can have your own moments in my photographs too. I am the Muscle Beach photographer. You can sign up for your photographs on stage, back stage in the famous “Pit” and your own personal mini photo shoot. Also available for couples. But please sign up ASAP, I will not have time for everyone, so do not wait. Thanks and click here for details…


Vintage Muscle Beach!

Here it is! Only at the real Muscle Beach/Venice! Bringing back that wonderful look and feel of Vintage Swimsuit. I am planning to do some really cool photo shoots for this huge Memorial Day weekend happening. So if you are thinking of doing the show and are interested let me know ASAP. My e-mail is

Here are the competition details…

Swimsuit: 1pc. only “Vintage” (circa 1940-1950’s)
One Class for all heights
Poses: Front relaxed “fun” pose & side “over the shoulder”.
Shoes will be pumps, open or closed toe.
Vintage jewelry/hair accessories allowed.
No crossovers allowed to other classes.
The Muscle Beach Int’l Classic, Memorial Day, Monday May 30, 2016. Any competition questions, reach out to Joe Wheatley at


By the way, this is the only show anywhere that opens with a flyover by the United States Air Force! Top That!