Photography by Ian L. Sitren

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All The Best Foods

Donuts, Chinese food, fried chicken, all within steps of each other. Americana on a Photo Excursion near Rubidoux California.

“Free-Form 50’s Coffee Shop Architecture”

How many of you can reach back in your memory and see yourself sitting in a Bob’s Big Boy? I sure can. Such a memorable part of that 1950’s and 1960’s car culture so identified with Southern California. This Big Boy is in a storefront in the little community of Julian, California. One of many stops on a recent photo excursion. Photographed with my Hasselblad. Love that camera!

“Customers couldn’t get enough of Bob’s new creation. One fan in particular was a chubby six year old boy in droopy overalls. He would often help Bob sweep up in exchange for a free burger. In honor of his young friend, Wian decided to name the better burger the Big Boy. Another regular customer, a movie animator, sketched the now famous character on a napkin.” –

Burgers, An Ice Lounge and Vodka!

I am all in! I can’t help it! I continue to be a huge fan of the Carl’s Jr. commercials. And this latest with model Sara Sampaio is no exception! Does it sell anyone on going to Carl’s? Well they are way up on the top of my list for “fast food”. Did I tell you I once had dinner with Carl and his wife as their guest at their home? Very Fun!