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Rising Star!

I photographed Catherine Kwong on Saturday, posted her first photograph from our shoot on Monday across all of my social media, and the response to her has been wonderful! A professional model and actress who has had her successes, Catherine Kwong is taking it to another level. From fitness to fashion, from the small screen to the big screen, I so look forward to seeing her rising star!

Photo shoot notes… The superb makeup and hair styling by Natalie Lyle. Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting. Side note… the teak lounge from Gloster.

Catherine Kwong

Catherine Kwong poolside in Palm Springs

You Do Look Good!

She said… “Good golly Ian!  You make me look good!!!” Of course she does look good! Beautiful and gorgeous actually! Catherine Kwong in our photo shoot. Professional model and actress, you have seen her in ads for Nike and Adidas, on the screen in Grey’s Anatomy and The West Wing. From lifestyle to fashion to fitness, yes Catherine Kwong… You Do Look Good!

Photo shoot notes… Natalie Lyle for wonderful makeup and hair styling! Clyde Sawyer, my ever present do it all assistant. Hasselblad digital camera system. Broncolor lighting. Only the best!

Catherine Kwong

Poolside Country

Maybe we should call this Country Western Palm Springs Poolside Casual. With model Bailey Daniels.

Photo shoot notes… Hasselblad camera system. Broncolor lighting with a Move 1200L pack, one strobe head with a white Broncolor beauty dish. Mounted on a Matthews roller stand and boom.

Bailey Daniels


Start with an extraordinary, beautiful and fun model, Gabriella Muttone, take her to the Palm Springs Air Museum for a photoshoot with restored WWII fighter planes and what do you get? The dilemma of trying to pick the best shots from so many great photographs of her! Gabriella knows what that is like as well, because she herself is also an amazing photographer!

Gabriella Muttone at the Palm Springs Air Museum

Gabriella Muttone at the Palm Springs Air Museum

Sunny Weather

Did you stay in and out of the Sun this past weekend. Aristodeme photographed on old Polaroid instant film camera in our shoot, in and out of the Sun.


That Is What I Do!

You workout hard and watch your eating habits consistently. You look great because it is your lifestyle and maybe your business and livelihood. I take that just as seriously as you do. So when you come to me to stand in front of my cameras, you will get my best. And that will be way past the best from so very many.

To chat about photo shoots for yourself or your advertising or your magazines, send me an e-mail to I truly look forward to chatting with you with whatever your needs or just want to do. Thanks!

Christopher Reed, Heather Grace, Mark Ebinger

Mark Ebinger photographed by Ian L. Sitren at Power Of Fitness Gym in Palm Desert California.

Poolside Moments

A poolside moment in video with Amber Flowers during our photo shoot. I think these video moments are so very fun! Thanks!


Beauty Dish – A Photo Lesson

To the right is a beauty. To the left is a beauty dish. That works! The beautiful of Maria Bertrand in our photo shoot with the wonderful makeup and hair styling by the superb Blanche LeBeau. Lighting by Broncolor and photographed with a Hasselblad digital camera system. Only the best all the way around here!

Maria Bertrand Poolside


When I saw this gorgeous woman at the Palm Springs Photo Festival late night event party there was no question in my mind that she was a professional model. The way she carried herself, her presence, dress and makeup and hair, tall and slender. When we did meet and she told me her name was Gabriella, I thought how perfect is that. Such a romantic name that takes one away to beautiful places in Europe that so very much fits her. Then much to my surprise, I find that she is an extraordinary photographer herself. I am wondering now if I should hang out with more photographers. Just kidding, they mostly all just look like me. But that is how I came to be graced with Gabriella Muttone in front of my camera.

Gabriella Muttone at the Palm Springs Air Museum

Gabriella Muttone in our photo shoot at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Photographed by Ian L. Sitren. Hasselblad digital camera equipment and Broncolor lighting. Only the best.

Rise Above It

The inescapable presence of model Tiana Joy in our photo shoot. Made even more so by the just the right water level in the pool. Such a candid feeling and view that would not be the same with modesty. Such a wonderful model! Thank You Tiana!

Tiana Joy

Tiana Joy photographed in Palm Springs by Ian L. Sitren. Hasselblad digital camera equipment and Broncolor lighting. Only the best.

Fashion Model Flight Demo

During our photo shoot at the Palm Springs Air Museum, Gabriella Muttone did her best to do a flight demonstration. Limited by lack of flight clearance from the tower, she never the less looked really great in her liftoff.

I must tell you about Gabriella. Stunningly beautiful, a professional model who has worked  around the world, been the face of Avon, and has graced such brands as American Express, Sony, CocaCola, Diet 7-UP, WonderBra, Sears, Faberge and Appolinaris. Gabriella is represented by the prestigious Spot 6 Management in Toronto, one of the most sought after modeling agencies in Canada.

There is yet more! Gabriella herself is a superb photographer. Incredibly talented and creative, you must check out her work at I truly admire what she does behind the camera!

How flattered am I to have this accomplished professional model and an extraordinary photographer stand in front of my camera. I would otherwise be without words but I had to say Thank You Gabriella Muttone. You are just wonderful!

I must also say that I am so happy I use the best gear possible, Hasselblad digital camera equipment and Broncolor lighting. Anything less would have been just that. Thanks!

Gabriella Muttone at the Palm Springs Air Museum


So Much Joy!

The first joy being my model, Tiana Joy. What an incredible, gorgeous, fun model to work with! Tall, long legs, sexy turn to her and made my job so easy by being able to move and take direction. Had a hard time stopping and not going on for hours more. And wait until you see the photos to follow. I promise you will want to see them and much more of Joy!  Just Wow!

The next joy is my pool construction is finished! Completely tore out the old pool and all the decks, patios. All that was left was the shell, dirt and rubble. Now all done and it is wonderful! What a great shoot location and it is in my backyard.

More joy from my great camera and lighting equipment. Over and over I am so impressed with my Hasselblad digital camera gear and Broncolor lighting. Each time I do a photo shoot I am so very happy with getting the results I really expect and that I expect to produce for my clients, whether it is magazines, advertisers or models of all genres looking to be a cut above. Only the best!

So please, keep watching here and coming back for more and Thanks!

Tiana Joy

So Much Fun With Gabriella

Sharing a laugh with an incredibly beautiful, gorgeous, talented and fun Gabriella Muttone. Behind the scenes in our photo shoot at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Made all the better with my Hasselblad camera and Broncolor lighting. Thank You Gabriella! You are wonderful!

Gabriella & Me

Hitchhiking to Muscle Beach

I imposed upon Maria Bertrand to demonstrate the proper form and universal sign for hitchhiking to Muscle Beach. We were on Mulholland Drive above Beverly Hills so the results  for cars that stopped included 17 Ferraris, 14 Lamborghinis, 6 Bentley Coupes, 11 various Rolls Royces, 4 Lincoln Town Cars and one black Loach helicopter with no markings that dropped out of the sky. However last I saw of Maria for the day was as she rode off on the back of a bright red Vespa with a really cute blonde wearing a matching helmet who had really long legs. I went back to the hotel with my Hasselblad camera and my memories of the day, in my photographs. Sigh…

Hitchhiking To Muscle Beach


Alternate Energy Sources

I was going to use this post to tell you about the difference between Windmills and Wind Turbines. But never mind. Instead just a breathtaking moment with Heidi Cannon in front of my camera.

Bikini Fashion In The Desert

The Best Part Of Being A Photographer

The best part of being a photographer is getting to shoot photographs, especially with really great looking people. Like my good friend Daniel Hill here out in the desert right near Palm Springs. Thanks!

Daniel Hill

And Then She Shows Up

I really have had the chance to photograph some of the most beautiful amazing women on the planet. Then Ashley Owens-Gulina showed up, oh my! It is said “a picture is worth a thousand words”. I have many pictures I have shot of Ashley and I remain without words. The wonderful Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle. Another beautiful woman in my life. Thank You to both of you!

Ashley Owens Guilna


So Very Sexy, Fit And A Chocolatier

You can have your chocolate and look great too! Katie Madden at 56 years old in my pool on front of my Hasselblad camera. She is a Fitness Professional, a Corrective Exercise Practitioner, and to top it off, a Chocolatier  specializing in artisan white chocolates.  She is just so incredible and oh so very sexy and gorgeous. I am sure happy I shot photographs because I really don’t know what more to say! The superb day of Makeup and Hair Styling by the equally superb Natalie Lyle. Thank You!

Katie Madden

Your Photos At Muscle Beach!

Here we go! Muscle Beach only a few weeks away. Are you doing the show? I am available to photograph you but you have to sign up ahead of time. You can have your photographs on stage, backstage in the famous “Pit” or even your own personal, or as a couple, beach mini photo shoot. If you have wanted pro photos or have been wanting to shoot with me, time to sign up. I do not even remotely make the costs so very low except for Muscle Beach. And for the mini photo shoots, you do not have to be doing the show. Any questions, just send me a note and there is the link for more info and to sign up. Thanks!

Muscle Beach Banner

Fashionable Undressing

My idea of evening cocktail attire might be different than for others. More of a fashion statement. One of my most favorite models, Aristodeme. The camera is Hasselblad digital. The lighting is Broncolor.

Aristodeme Dressed

Palm Springs Featured

Fun to see one of my photos at the Palm Springs Air Museum featured for one of the Palm Springs Facebook Groups! Thanks!

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 9.02.39 AM

The Tread Mark On My Hat

Pilot Tom Nightingale almost left a tire tread mark on my hat as he did a low flyover at the Palm Springs Air Museum yesterday. What a great airplane too, wow! A 1943 North American SNJ-4 Texan Navy trainer. Also designated the T-6 Texan it is an airplane often seen in movies portraying the Japanese Zero. Get yourself out to the Palm Springs Air Museum, one of the best in the entire USA!

Texan Flyover

Perfect Set Up

Still so very proud and excited to have shot this cover photograph of Doug Brignole for his book, co-authored with Adrian James Tan. Sure looking forward to doing the next one too! It was a photo I had in mind all along and it set up perfectly. It all worked from Doug looking great to following my directions and the lighting set up. Great fun! Check it out here at Cognella Publishing.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 11.07.44 AM

Diner Dreams

From my soon to be released series “Diner Dreams”. Photographed not only in color but also black and white medium format film. It is not what you might expect. Editorial availability and prints. Keep watching here for the release information. Thanks!


From My Series “Diner Dreams”