Photography by Ian L. Sitren

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A Good Way To Start Monday

A good way to start a Monday. With Ashley Owens Gulina and Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle. I stayed out of the water, not good for the cameras!

Ashley Owens Gulina

A Helping Hand

Photo shoots can be so busy that it is always good to have an extra hand. Especially when we could not let a totally gorgeous and very fit Katie Madden participate in getting us in trouble on Social Media. Makeup and Hair Styling by the Notorious Natalie Lyle. Photographed on a Hasselblad camera. Only the best!

First We Contact The Mars Rover…

First we contact the Mars Rover. Then we turn it around and light you up for my camera. And then I make you look so good! Try me! Send me an e-mail to and Thank You!

My Secret To Working With Gorgeous Models

I am often asked by newer inexperienced photographers how to get the most out of models during photo shoots. It can also be especially intimidating for new photographers when working with tall, gorgeous professional models like Maria Bertrand. I will tell you my secret… Cookies and Milk. Yes that’s it! You can get the best photo shoots ever with a model if you give them Cookies and Milk.

When It Is This Hot…

Behind the scenes from Monday with a totally captivating Katie Madden. Finished doing our studio shoot and with it being so very hot here in Palm Springs what better then to move the photo shoot to the pool! I must say that Katie did not do anything to lower the temperature!

Makeup and Hair Styling for the day by an also very hot Natalie Lyle. The hard work was down by my assistant Clyde Sawyer. And I got to use my new favorite Hasselblad camera. Outstanding!

Another Holiday Season Photo

Another of my Holiday Season photographs. See the festive red candles on the counter. Oh, you missed those. Look again. From our photo shoot with one of the most beautiful women I have ever photographed, Ashley Owens Gulina. Makeup and Hair Styling by the wonderful Natalie Lyle. Thank You!

Ashley Owens Guilna

The Muse In The Forest

A force or perhaps only a presence, personified as a beautiful woman only seen in the fantasy of the darkness of a forest. A mystery from which you cannot turn, for you can only wonder and stare and dream. Stacey Naito from our photo shoot. Makeup and Hair Styling by Blanche LeBeau.

Stacey Naito

I Can Hear Her Saying…

I can hear her saying to me “Just sit right down here and we will have a little breakfast”. Yes that was it, I recall distinctly. From my photo shoot with one of the most beautiful women I have ever photographed Ashley Owens Gulina. Makeup and Hair styling by the ever incredible Natalie Lyle. Ashley Owens Guilna

Yes I Do…

Yes I do get to photograph some of the most beautiful women on the planet. Sasha Brown in front of my camera at Bombay Beach at the Salton Sea. Sasha is next off to Rome to do fitness workshops. How great is that!

Sasha Brown

And Then 52 Years Later…

Over 52 years after the photograph I posted yesterday (below) and I am still photographing beautiful women in front of water falls. Although photographingAshley Owens Gulina anywhere works just fine! But she does make a wonderful water feature!

Makeup and Hair Styling by the wonderfully talented Natalie Lyle. Thank You!

Ashley Owens Guilna

Photographing Beautiful Girls

Yes I have been photographing  beautiful girls in exotic locations for over 50 years! Are you next?

Robin at Disneyland

Pool Party! Maybe Next Time…

It was a hot day out here in the desert when we were doing our photo shoot. So I had no problem persuading Ashley Owens Gulina to get in the pool. Actually our wonderful Makeup and Hair Stylist, Natalie Lyle dropped into the pool a few times herself. Good thing I was busy taking photographs or it would have been a pool party and not a photo shoot. Good idea! Maybe next time!

Ashley Owens Guilna