Photography by Ian L. Sitren

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15 More!

That look you get when you tell them that you want 15 more reps at 405! Well not really but we had a photo shoot that was just superb. Chris Polityka could not have been better in front of the camera. He does make looking good in the gym work because he knows what he is doing. Check out his company MacrosEdge and you will understand why.

Chris Polityka

Chris Polityka photographed in the gym with Broncolor lighting and a Hasselblad digital camera. Only the best! Photography by Ian L. Sitren

Over 40 Fit & Healthy

Chris Polityka told me that he wanted people to see that with good nutrition and exercise that is just good fun, after 40, you can look good and live healthy. That’s his business at MacrosEdge and I would suggest you check it out. From what I can see from our all day photo shoot, Chris has succeeded!

Chris Polityka

Chris Polityka photographed by Ian L. Sitren on Hasselblad digital. Only the best!

Photo Shoot Perfect

What a perfect photo shoot day! First off Chris Polityka. The guy looks outstanding! A worked out, all around healthy athlete kind of look. I had the guy hiking, running, jogging and later in the day pounding iron in the gym. And none of those pastel colored pretty weights either. He did it! And any guy who shoots with me will tell you that you don’t just get to stand around looking pretty on my photo shoots.

Then I must say we had one of those may perfect days we get in Palm Springs. Warm, beautiful skies, great scenery. Great sunlight too! Could not have been better.

I also have to say I love the camera I am shooting with here in this behind the scenes photo. Hasselblad digital, only the best!

Photo Shoot with Chris Polityka

Behind the scenes – photo shoot at desert windmill farms with Chris Polityka

Divine Congratulations!

A huge Congratulations to my best buddy Ava Cowan being named Vice President of Business Relations for Divine Nutrition Products! One of the best known and most respected people in our sport of bodybuilding and fitness, Ava Cowan is a great example of determination and persistence in continuing to advance her career and better the entire industry. Divine has the highest quality protein powders you will find including one that is absent of artificial ingredients and Gluten free. That is special! And before too long, you will see a Fat Burner under Ava’s name that you can bet will be absolutely the best ever. Very Cool!

Ava Cowan in the "Pit" at Muscle Beach Venice!

It Is Ava Time!

My best buddy Ava Cowan from our photo shoot at Muscle Beach/Venice some time back. You know Ava Cowan from so many magazine features, on stage at the biggest shows, her magazine columns, videos, appearances and much more. Truly one of the most respected and beautiful women in our sport of fitness.

I know that many of you are evaluating your direction in fitness and competition. So now is the time. Ava just re-launced her website and is offering a 25% discount on customized programs that will get you where you want to go. And Ava knows what she is doing and is the person who will save you years of mis-direction and can indeed find tune you. So go to her Facebook page and her website. The discount code is 25_off but don’t wait. It is only good through Tuesday at midnight! Go take a look!

Ava Cowan in the "Pit" at Muscle Beach Venice!