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Windmill Line Up

Windmills in Palm Springs. Photographed back in January.

The Sculpture Of The Windmill

I do find the windmills fascinating. This is here in Palm Springs. Photographed with a Fujifilm X-Series camera.



Lots Of Props

The Palm Springs Air Museum P-51 Mustang “Bunny” taxi’s out at the Palm Springs Airport. Shot with a Fujifilm X-T3 and Fujifilm 55-200 lens.

Lots Of Props

Fit At The Windfarm

One of my favorite photographs that I have ever shot. IFBB professional bodybuilder Tina Chandler after her appearance on stage at the prestigious Olympia in Las Vegas. Here in Palm Springs.

IFBB Proferssional Bodybuilder Tina Chandler in Palm Springs

Scenic Imagination

So great fun doing photo shoots in interesting and scenic places. Sometimes they do not seem scenic at first, but then just use your imagination. The imagination of knowing what something will look like in the photograph. One of my favorite photo shoots, this time with bodybuilder Daniel Hill.

Bodybuilder Daniel Hill in at the windmills Palm Springs California

Alternate Energy Sources

I was going to use this post to tell you about the difference between Windmills and Wind Turbines. But never mind. Instead just a breathtaking moment with Heidi Cannon in front of my camera.

Bikini Fashion In The Desert

Always Special!

I always try to make photo shoots something special. The locations here in Palm Springs sure help out. With Chris Polityka and my Hasselblad camera. Only the best! Thank You Chris, you looked outstanding!


Photo Shoot Perfect

What a perfect photo shoot day! First off Chris Polityka. The guy looks outstanding! A worked out, all around healthy athlete kind of look. I had the guy hiking, running, jogging and later in the day pounding iron in the gym. And none of those pastel colored pretty weights either. He did it! And any guy who shoots with me will tell you that you don’t just get to stand around looking pretty on my photo shoots.

Then I must say we had one of those may perfect days we get in Palm Springs. Warm, beautiful skies, great scenery. Great sunlight too! Could not have been better.

I also have to say I love the camera I am shooting with here in this behind the scenes photo. Hasselblad digital, only the best!

Photo Shoot with Chris Polityka

Behind the scenes – photo shoot at desert windmill farms with Chris Polityka

Wind Direction

This is my favorite way of telling wind direction. Which way is the hair blowing! Actually I was just chatting with Katie Madden who will be coming back to do another photo shoot with me. Let’s see how the wind blows this next time! Katie Madden

Traveling Hot!

Making another part of the world her stage. Tina Sansom having fun standing in front of my cameras at the wind farms here. A fitness devotee she will be sitting in the front rows of the Olympia next week as well. Outstanding Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle and the 106 degree weather courtesy of our Palm Springs Sun!

Tina Sansom

Where Else? Of Course!

Well where else would you expect to find red tires but with Maria Bertrand in the desert by the windmill farms. Obviously!

Maria Yvonne Bertrand in Palm Springs


A Beautiful Woman, Winds And An Earthquake!

A Beautiful Woman, Winds And An Earthquake!

Raechelle Chase Ifbb Pro as the center of the landscape and environment in the wind farms of Palm Springs California. One of my favorite photographs from one of my favorite photo shoots. The incredible striking Raechelle from New Zealand braved 50 mph winds often coming close to knocking her over. We even had a sizable earthquake in the middle of the shoot that we didn’t even feel because of the winds. An experience and photographs to remember!


She Started An Earthquake In Her Photo Shoot!

She Started An Earthquake In Her Photo Shoot!

The wonderful and popular Raechelle Chase from New Zealand in front of my cameras in Palm Springs. We had to put this iconic woman in an iconic setting! IFBB Figure Professional, writer, gym owner, trainer, entrepreneur, and Mom, Raechelle is one very special woman. Tough too, in our photo shoot she was buffeted by gale force winds and an earthquake. A lifetime memorable photo shoot was had by all!


She Could Just Fly!

She Could Just Fly!

Is there any doubt that she could just fly! A vision in the desert amidst the windmills is Heidi Cannon, Wbff Pro, from our photo shoot!


My Winter Photo Studio

My Winter Photo Studio

I was just thinking about my good buddy Heidi Cannon Wbff Pro back in Columbus Ohio right now at the “Arnold”. Been there a few times myself. But your sure can’t beat the winter here in front of my cameras in my studio! And Heidi sure made it look good!


Alternate Energy At It’s Best!

Alternate Energy At It's Best!

Maria Bertrand making alternate transportation and energy looking better than ever. Maybe she could give us bike tours out in the windmill farms. I would be willing to shoot more photographs! And if you want to shoot something “alternate” with me, send me a note!