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Arnold Governor

Arnold when I photographed him running for Governor of California in 2003.

Arnold Schwarzenegger campaigning to be first elected as Governor of California in the 2003 recall election.

I’m Not There But I Am

The Arnold Sports Festival 2018 in Columbus OH is underway and the huge Expo is about to open tomorrow Friday. Hundreds of thousands of people will fill the convention center among 1000 booths from fitness related companies. Although I am not there, my photographs fill some of those booths and displays.

My all time favorite and longest running… Renee kissing the egg for Egg Whites International. They just set up their booth and if they had tried to shoot a photograph of it tomorrow you never would have seen because of all of the people around it. If you just count all of the people who have seen this display at Arnold Sports Festivals in Columbus Ohio, it would be millions.

The Arnold Sports Festival, most known for it roots as a premier bodybuilding competition is actually 20,000 athletes participating in 75 sports and events from 80 nations around the world. “We are very proud to provide the opportunity for athletes, a majority of them youth, to compete at the largest multi-sport festival in the world.”



That Was Me

Thank You to so very many for your kind words in the last few days about my bodybuilding and fitness show photography. Not a new thing for me to shoot shows.

Actually I am the photographer who was very first credentialed for to shoot their very first Olympia coverage about a dozen years ago. That’s right! Before me never was allowed a photo press credential for the Olympia.

I went on to shoot over 20 shows per year for them all around the country including the Arnold, other pro shows and the bigger amateur shows. Remember when you would get up in the morning and see the show photos from the night before on the website. That was me shooting the show, staying up all night along with one person back at headquarters getting that all online. We pioneered that along with many other show reporting innovations. I could tell you some great and fun stories for sure about those times.

Of course you have seen my show photos in the magazines and on the magazines covers along the way too. But my favorites have always been the advertising, both online and print ads for Even Jamie Eason was first seen for when I photographed her for them for the very first time.

This is a computer wallpaper that was done back then. There was one of those done weekly and for a few years almost all from my photos. It was all great fun and I still love doing it! Thanks Again!


Look Who Copied My Selfies Series!

Look who copied my “I Love Selfies” series!

I Love Selfies! is a series I have been running and it has worked well for a number of people. Something I can do for you right now to start raising your profile.

I invite you to send me some selfies and I will show you off on my Blog and all of my Social Media as well as my Facebook pages. You will be seen by so very many! My pages are followed extensively by magazine editors, publishers, supplement companies and tens of thousands of people. In the gym, showing off the hard work you have put in, at the pool, or just having fun. 

So send me your Selfie and let’s show this guy how it’s done! My e-mail is Thanks!



Bodybuilding Front & Back

Bodybuilding Front & Back

Of all the photographs I shot for which were used to create dozens of “wallpapers” this one has always been my favorite. Dexter Jackson on stage at the 2006 Arnold. Also a physique which to me is really “bodybuilding”.


Huge Congratulations To Ava Cowan!

Huge Congratulations To Ava Cowan!

A huge congratulations to my best buddy Ava Cowan. Ava Cowan just this weekend was on stage for the Figure International at the Arnold Sports Festival. But it was only a year ago when we didn’t know if she would ever be on stage again. Suffering an injury that put her out of the gym and into surgery, it was a long climb back. A climb that I know most would have found all but impossible. So go visit her Facebook pages to learn more about this extraordinary human being and how she did it. There is much to learn for all of us. And now she is off to do it again at the Arnold Australia! Outstanding! This photo from one of our past photo shoots in Marina Del Rey California. Thanks!


An Arnold Winner All The Way From Singapore!

An Arnold Winner All The Way From Singapore!

A huge congratulations to my friend Joan Liew. She made her way all the way from Singapore to Columbus Ohio this weekend to win her class in the Arnold Amateur Physique Championships! Outstanding! A photograph from our photo shoot when she made her way all the way from Singapore to me in Palm Springs California. And Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle!


Sherry Goggin, A Great Reason To Go To The Arnold!

Sherry Goggin, A Great Reason To Go To The Arnold!

Are you going to the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus Ohio starting Thursday? Go see my good friend Sherry Goggin and have her autograph a poster for you from our photo shoot. You will find her at the ANSI booth at the huge Expo! There is a good reason to go!