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Two In The Gym

Photo shoot with a Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting. Thank You!

At Cruz 2 Fitness personal training gym here in Palm Springs with Naomi (and Naomi). Best personal training ever!

Naomi Molina In The Gym

Gym Photo Shoots

Of all the bodybuilders I have photographed, amateur and the biggest name pros, it is Dan Decker who has probably appeared in more magazine features than any other.

Bodybuilder Dan Decker In The Gym

Squats & Social Media

From my photo shoot with Mark Ebinger and a Social Media post from it…

Mark Ebinger

Lifting weights, a little or a lot, it all makes you stronger, no matter how old you are. For your body and your mind, working out has always been shown to be one of the best things you can do for yourself ever!

Come on in and give it a try at Palm Springs Fitness Center! For A Free 7-Day Pass, text PSFC to 95577. All in air-conditioned comfort and fun! And any questions, just check in with one of our trainers to get you going on your fitness journey. Thanks!

Heavy Lifting

Some heavy lifting in a magazine photo shoot I did with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Daniel Hill. At Palm Springs Fitness Center.

Bodybuilder Daniel Hill


Training With Flavio

Another quick workout video for Palm Springs Fitness Center with retired Professional Bodybuilder Flavio. Thanks!


An Office Day For Me

One of my typical days in the office. Here with bodybuilders Grant Pieterse, Jake Sawyer and Xavisus Gayden. I wonder how many times and for how long I made them hold that bicep curl.

Bodybuilders Xavisus Gayden, Grant Pieterse and Jake Sawyer working out during our photo shoot in the gym

Bodybuilders Grant Pieterse, Jake Sawyer and Xavisus Gayden at Power of Fitness.

Two Guys And The Ferrigno

These two guys have been hitting the gym at Palm Springs Fitness and getting ready. Travis Ely has walked away with a few bodybuilding trophies now and on his way in his best shape ever. Aaron Cruz is doing his very first show in Physique and has come a real long way down almost sixty pounds and cut up! The Lou Ferrigno Legacy Competition this weekend in Palm Springs California.

Travis Ely and Aaron Cruz

Travis Ely Working Out

Aaron Cruz Posing Practice

Iron Man Magazine Naturally Determined

Travis Ely is determined coming into his second time at the NPC Iron Man Naturally bodybuilding competition this Saturday. In conjunction with the huge Los Angeles FitExpo this is great kickoff for his next year of competition and accomplishment. You can see Ely giving every inch of concentration as he listens to posing refinements from Jake Sawyer. Along with some last minute diet tweaks from Jake, between now and Saturday morning Ely will look ripped and refined when he steps on stage. So come on out and see the show, I will be there, camera in hand. And take in the FitExpo on Saturday and Sunday at the Los Angeles Convention Center. One of the biggest fitness events in the country!

Jake Sawyer Coaching Travis Ely

Travis Ely

Travis Ely

“For The Ladies”

Someone asked the other day if I ever photograph guys in the gym “for the ladies”. Well not with that thought specifically in mind. I do photograph a lot of guys in the gym for magazines, online features, advertising etc. Actually I am one of the most widely known photographers in the bodybuilding and fitness business. However in answer to the idea of “for the ladies”, will this photograph of Jake Sawyer in the gym do the job? Jake Sawyer Bodybuilder

On His Way!

A huge congratulations to my good friend Xavisus Gayden. He has been invited to compete in at the very prestigious Arnold Sports Festival for 2015 in Columbus Ohio. The opportunity to show off that finely honed physique on that stage is truly special in the world of bodybuilding and fitness.

From his first magazine appearance, when I featured Xavisus in Iron Man Magazine as the BodySpace Physique of the Month for, and along the way, he has been an exemplary individual and a credit to his continuing service as a United State Marine. Outstanding!

Xavisus Gayden

Xavisus Gayden

Xavisus Gayden

Xavisus Gayden

Xavisus Gayden

She Lives A Life Of Fitness

She lives a life of fitness in so many ways. So Duyen Ariss in front of my camera after competing in the Las Vegas Classic just recently was the place to be! I have known her for some time now and she looks better than ever. Lifting iron and eating right does a body good and I must tell you that for Duyen, she looks 20 years younger than her actual age. She also has the biggest smile and a laugh that is there all the time. Ok I love her! But her husband Carlos Ariss knows it and he is a good guy too! Thanks!!

Duyen Ariss

You Were Thinking…

The incredible arms of the incredible Doug Brignole. I know, you were thinking I only photograph women.

Doug Brignole

Fly Her To A Gym!

Fly her halfway around the world, put her in a gym and she is at home.Sharon Lim from Singapore at Power Of Fitness in Palm Desert. And even better, in front of my cameras! With Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle. Thank You!

Sharon Lim In The Gym

Gym Time Photo Shoot…

You have seen Charles J Flanagan in my feature photographs where he is racing a freight train. Now you can see what he looks like hammering it in the gym. How many Nike models have you seen on “America’s Next Top Model”? Only this guy! From our photo shoot.

Charles Johnathan Flanagan


Athlete For Sure!

Athlete For Sure!

Jonathan Rude describes himself as a lifelong athlete since he was 5 years old. I would say that the word “athlete” is the description for this 6ft-4 big guy! Played football for Georgetown University but injuries ended his signing with the Washington Redskins. Now for some time he has been working on being in shape to continue to compete in boxing, kickboxing and MMA.

Coming to Los Angeles you would have found Jon training at Freddie Roach’s Wild Card Boxing Club, training with former Light Heavyweight contender Marcus Harvey as well as former Tyson Assistant trainer Tom Patti before working with Hall of Fame Trainers Freddie Roach and Jesse Reid Sr.

Then Jon went on to transition into MMA in 2010, training at Dynamix MMA with former UFC and K1 Kickboxing Heavyweight Antoni Hardonk, Rickson Gracie BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) Blackbelt Henry Akins and 6x Soviet National Champion Freestyle Wrestler and UFC Light Heavyweight Vladimir Matyushenko.

Now Jon is building his business and reputation as one of the top trainers in Los Angeles while contending for the Boxing Heavyweight Championship of the World, competing in the K1 and Glory Kickboxing World Grand Prix’s and finally making a run at the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

So did I say “athlete” was the right description for this guy! It sure is!


“Dominate” In The Gym!

She is incredibly beautiful, has wonderful sense of humor, can be goofy, has a rocking body, great fun to be with, lifts iron, eats healthy and can do it all so well in front of my camera. Someone the other morning asked if I was going to retire. I said from what!!

Ashley Owens Gulina from our photo shoot. The wonderful Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle. And a great gym! The Power Of Fitness in Palm Desert California. And a special Thank You for Dennis Dennis BodyWear for the great gym wear!


Not Enough!

Not Enough!

Raechelle Chase IFBB Figure Professional in front of my camera in the gym. What a fun day and Raechelle Chase is just so very striking beautiful! All the way from New Zealand, the only thing wrong with photographing Raechelle is it does not happen often enough!


Two Steps To Looking Tough In The Gym!

Two Steps To Looking Tough In The Gym!

Two steps to looking tough in the gym. The first step is to put in the work! The next step is to do a photo shoot with me. Charles J Flanagan did a really good job on both!


My Idea Of Gym Wear…

My Idea Of Gym Wear...

My idea of gym wear in my photo shoots! Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle.


From The Back

From The Back

A look at the other side of Travis Ely as he gets ready for the Iron Man Magazine Naturally Championships at the Los Angeles FitExpo this weekend. And he is getting some solid coaching from Jake Sawyer at a great gym to do it, Palm Springs Fitness Center. Outstanding!


Getting Ready!

Getting Ready!

Travis Ely has been working hard! He is getting ready for the Iron Man Magazine Naturally Championships this coming Saturday at the Los Angeles FitExpo. Jake Sawyer has been coaching him throughout the last couple of weeks and the difference he has made in Travis is just amazing. A big round of applause for both these guys! Outstanding!