Photography by Ian L. Sitren


Antediluvian Tea

I love this woman and the scene and the entire design! A resort that once was “away” from the big city. Not in Palm Springs but in Southern California. Anyone want to guess where this is from? I was there on Monday.


Lunar Eclipse As Sport

Almost at it’s maximum the other night for a total Lunar Eclipse and as advertised “blood red” color. Sky conditions still had some cloudy haze. Photographed with a Fujifilm X-H1 camera and Fujifilm 100-400mm lens. On an Induro tripod with a FOBA ball head.


Red Bull Sports likes the photo too. Funny thing, I didn’t know it was a sport…

red bull twitter eclipse

Bombay Beach Posing With Xtine

Xtine posing in our photo shoot at Bombay Beach at the Salon Sea, One of my all time favorite models at one of my all time favorite places. Xtine, a professional model at over 6 ft tall and a superb photographer herself. Video shot on a Fujifilm X-Series camera. Photo shoot with a Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting.


Work Fun


Tammy Neslund The Body At 56

After decades of photographing the most amazing individuals of the world of bodybuilding and fitness, I have come across a true icon of health, fitness and dedication, Tammy Neslund. At 56 years old, Mother and Grandma. A career professional who has also become a professional athlete in the prestigious IFBB, International Federation Of Bodybuilding And Fitness. So as we admire this beautiful woman and the body she has created, let us all give her the title of ‘Role Model’ for exemplifying what we all can achieve in some way; to be better than who we might be today at any age.

Tammy Neslund At 56

Tammy Neslund At 56

Tammy Neslund At 56

Tammy Neslund At 56


Tammy Neslund At 56

Photo Shoot Notes… Featured Estee Lauder Makeup Artist Blanche LeBeau. Hasselblad digital Camera systems. Lighting by Broncolor. On location at the Coachella Movie Ranch near the Salton Sea in Southern California. Hosted by the Greater Palm Springs Film Alliance And Film Office.

Been Busy Flying

Have not been updating my blog here much recently. Will get back to it soon. Been busy flying and photographing and doing lots of video with the Palm Springs Air Museum. Thanks!


Posing At The Salton Sea

Posing in our photo shoot at the Salon Sea. With professional model Xtine. The Salton Sea provides some of my most favorite places to shoot and is ever intriguing. Fujifilm X-Series camera for video.